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01. Terms of Use Agreement

  • 01. Terms of Use Agreement
  • 02. Personal Information
  • 03. Completion of Membership Registration

Agree Terms of Use Please refer to below the IFOST Homepage Terms of Use.

Gathering Personal Information IFOST gathers personal information for the flollowing reasons.

Personal Information
Personal Information Purpose of Gathering
Personal Information Name, ID, Date of Birth, Password Verification of Membership
E-mail address, Contact Information, Nationality, University Active Communication Channel Securement(Notices, Events, Complaints, etc.)

IFOST keeps the personal information gathered until the membership remains.

For the following cases, personal information could be kept on as below.

  • 1. Records regarding Withdrawal of Contract, etc. : 5 years
  • 2. Records regarding Complaints, Disputes, etc. : 5 years
  • 3. In case an agreement made : Period agreed by the member


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